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Glasstone facilitates the process of acquiring and selling properties through a deep understanding of the market and the needs of its clients. We strive for excellence essentially through sincerity and transparency with the company itself and with the people we serve. We also develop custom projects, lease out vacation rentals and manage real estate.

Alexandre Carneiro
Maria Alice
Rodrigo de Mello
What Our Clients Say

The professionals at Glasstone have always conveyed confidence and accessibility to me, making me feel comfortable having them as responsible for our company's properties in Central Florida.

— Alexandre Carneiro | Commercial Partner

What Our Clients Say

Glasstone Real Estate has been my partner for a long time. I have an excellent relationship with them, the expected return on my investments, and my home is always impeccable, as I also chose them to manage my property.

— Maria Alice | Client since 2015

What Our Clients Say

With a client-oriented team, Glasstone Real Estate helped me turn my dream of having a property in the US into reality, quicker and easier than I could ever think as a foreigner investor.

— Rodrigo de Mello | Client since 2018

Work With Us

We strive for excellence by being radically truthful, reliable and transparent with ourselves and the people we serve. We also provide language services, development and construction, vacation rentals and property management services.