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Acquire a Commercial Property for Your Company in Florida

Glasstone Group Inc June 24, 2020

If you are a Brazilian entrepreneur looking to expand your business to the Central Florida region, acquiring commercial real estate can be an important step towards your company's success. In this article, we'll discuss the main factors Brazilians need to consider when purchasing commercial real estate in Central Florida, as well as some useful tips to make the process easier.

1. Do Your Market Research

Before you start looking for commercial real estate in Central Florida, it's important to do some market research. Analyze market trends, such as real estate prices, supply and demand in the region and the areas that may be most advantageous for your business.
You can start by researching on the internet, visiting real estate websites such as Zillow and Realtor, and reading articles about the Central Florida real estate market. It's also important to consult an experienced real estate agent in the region for advice on the best areas for your business and to help you find properties that suit your needs.

2. Consider the Location of the Property

Location is an important factor to consider when purchasing commercial real estate in Central Florida. Make sure the property is in an area with easy access for your clients and employees. Check that there is adequate parking and public transportation available nearby.
It's also important to check that the area is safe and that crime rates are low. Security is a crucial factor in maintaining a healthy and productive working environment.

3. Understand the Buying Process

The process of buying commercial real estate in Central Florida can be complex, especially for foreigners. It is important to understand the stages of the purchase process and the legal obligations involved.
You will need to hire a lawyer specializing in real estate transactions to ensure that all legal issues are handled correctly and that you are complying with all U.S. and Florida laws and regulations.

4. Consider Financing Options

When purchasing commercial real estate in Central Florida, you will also need to consider your financing options. US banks generally have loan options available for foreigners, but conditions and requirements vary. Make sure you understand all the terms and conditions before signing a loan agreement.
Another option is to finance the purchase of the property through your own company, as long as it is legally established and operating in the United States.

5. Be Aware of Taxes and Regulations

When purchasing commercial real estate in Central Florida, it is important to be aware of the taxes and regulations involved. Property taxes can vary depending on the municipality and county where the property is located. In addition, there are industry-specific regulations you need to be aware of, such as zoning rules and the licenses required to operate a business in the region.
Make sure you get proper legal advice to ensure you are complying with all legal and tax obligations and to minimize any potential risks.

6. Check the Condition of the Property

Before making an offer on a commercial property in Central Florida, it is important to check the physical condition of the property. This includes the structure, plumbing, electrical wiring, air conditioning system and other important aspects that could affect the operation of your business.
Make sure you hire a professional building inspector to carefully examine the property and identify any potential problems. This can help you avoid unexpected repair costs and ensure that the property is in good condition for your business.

7. Consider Property Management

If you are a foreign landlord, it can be difficult to manage the property from a distance. Consider hiring a property management company to help you manage the property, keep it in good condition and ensure that tenants pay rent on time.
A property management company can also help you deal with legal and tax issues and ensure that you are fulfilling all obligations as a commercial real estate owner in Central Florida.

8. Be Prepared for Maintenance and Additional Costs

Purchasing commercial real estate in Central Florida involves more than just the initial purchase cost. You also need to be prepared for the ongoing costs of maintaining and repairing the property, as well as the annual taxes and fees.
Make sure you include these costs in your budget and financial planning, so that you can ensure your business has the resources it needs to operate and grow successfully.


Acquiring commercial real estate in Central Florida can be an important step towards expanding your business and taking advantage of the market opportunities in the region.
However, it is important to be aware of the factors that Brazilians need to consider when purchasing commercial real estate in the United States, including market research, location, purchase process, financing options, taxes and regulations, condition of the property, property management and additional costs.
By following these tips, you will already be much safer, but to really ensure that the acquisition of a commercial property in Central Florida is a successful investment for your company, you can count on an experienced and competent real estate consulting team. Contact us today.
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